Title: ayqūnatu al thawrati būkā أيقونة الثورات بوكا
Publisher: Areen al-‘Usood
Year: 2015

English Translation

Symbol of the revolutions, Buka, beacon of the inherited dignity
O gallant, who refused to sit back and live like slaves
He is a mark for glory, teaching my ummah the subject of resistance
He is an example for great love and sacrifice
He carried the principles bold like the mountain,
having trust in the determination of the proud
He never bent his head and kept striking the tyrants
They said ‘simple’, and simplicity is the greatest which has been said about him.
(Simplicity) is to live for an aim, striving like men for its achievement.
He exceeded the philosophers and people of talk
He gave life a meaning, in its depth the source of peace
They tried bargaining him on the principles with gifts and gold
He showed them the honor of people, and that’s the most valuable he obtained.
Tell me, by your Lord, which secret and which heart you carried,
So that we may understand this crowd, their tears streaming
You put a sense to dignity, which lacked that withered expression,
and remained a symbol for struggle, rivaling all symbols
Buka, farewell, we will meet in eternity in the highest paradises
You’ve exhausted your successors, O noble who doesn’t lower