Nasheed Translations

Lyrics and translations of Arabic-Islamic nasheeds


Nasheeds (arabic nashīd نَشيد) are Islamic chants that are compatible with Shariah laws concerning music. They do not contain any musical instrument, nor do they include an inappropriate theme. Nasheeds mostly praise religious acts and concepts or relate the munshid’s feelings concerning political events affecting the Muslim world. They may carry an emotional sad, happy or fervent mood.

This blog contains the lyrics and translations of Arabic-Islamic Nasheeds in English, Turkish, German, Spanish and Urdu. Moreover, biographies of munshids are added to the site.

Not all translations are made by the blog author, translations from other internet pages are added here to collect them at one place. You can contribute by sending translations via the contact form.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the lyrics of songs published in this blog do not necessarily represent those of the blog owner. I strongly condemn any kind of violence against any individual or organisation.


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